Roof Tear Offs – Roof Removal

Roof Tear Offs - Roof Removal

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TR Construction generally performs roof tear offs or roof removal as part of an overall roofing job. However, depending on our availability, we can also provide estimates for only a roof removal job. Our service includes the crew and dump trucks needed to haul away debris and clean up. We also provide hauling and debris removal for other types of projects if needed. Contact us to get a free estimate.

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What is a Roof Tear-Off?

A roof tear-off is basically a roofing removal. We tear off the old roof to make way for the new one. Removing all the old underlayment, shingles, tiles, and flashing allows us to start fresh with all new materials.

Starting with a clean slate means we get a good look at your roof and fix any problems with your roof decking before you pay to cover it with something else. That way you aren’t investing in new materials that are placed over older materials that might be at the end of their life span.


What Makes TR Construction Different From Other Roof Tear-Off Companies?

During a roofing removal, things might get a little loud and messy. But over the years, we have worked out a highly efficient system. Our streamlined system helps to reduce the mess and disrupt your life as little as possible.

Our clients often talk about how pleasant our crews are to have around. No small feat when we are tearing your roof down! Our roofers are professionals in their field with long-term careers with our company.

Each roofing project has its own project concierge who helps make sure everything goes smoothly as possible. They are also available for any questions you might have. Our customer service is one area where TR Construction really stands out from other San Diego roofing companies.

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Roofing Removal in Action

Plywood Decks

Below is an example of an existing roof system that we tore off down to the plywood deck. The plywood is still in good shape because it has been well protected by the underlayment. Underlayment is the felt paper that protects the plywood deck from moisture intrusion. In San Diego, houses that are 25 years old or less have plywood as the roof deck surface in most cases.

Plywood Deck Roof Tear Offs

Plank Boards or Skip Sheathing

Houses that are over 25 or 30 years old sometimes have plank boards rather than plywood. Instead of a flat piece of plywood, boards are nailed to the rafters with gaps between the boards. Skip sheathing needs to be replaced by a plywood deck because it can’t support tile or shingle roofs.

Skip Sheating Roof Tear Off

Wood Shake Shingle Roof

In San Diego, if a home with a wood shake shingle roof needs any roof repairs, you will need to do a roof tear-off and get a new roof. New local fire codes no longer allow wood shake shingle roofs.

In this video, you can see our roofers in action. Notice how careful our roofers are to keep the mess as contained as possible without dropping it in piles on the ground below.


Switching Roof Systems

When switching your type of roofing system, you will also need a roof tear-off. For example, going from a tile roof to a shingle roof or vice versa. In this video, you can get another great look at our roofers’ streamlined approach to a roof tear-off.


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