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With the price of electricity in San Diego creeping higher and higher, now is the time to start saving on your electrical bills with solar.

Solar panels for your home have never been more affordable!

Solar energy is good for the environment and the economy. That’s why local, state, and federal governments provide several rebates, tax credits, and incentives to help offset the cost of installation. For some homeowners in San Diego, these incentives can account for up to 40% of the cost of the solar panel system and installation.

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How much could installing solar panels save me in San Diego?

According to Google Project Sunroof, 94 percent of homes in San Diego are viable. To find out how much you can save on your home, visit Project Sunroof’s online personalized solar savings estimator.

To learn how going solar in San Diego could impact our community, visit Project Sunroof’s San Diego regional solar installation page. If everybody went solar, it would be like taking 517,000 cars off the road for one year or planting 62.7 million trees and allowing them to grow for ten years.




A custom solution for YOUR home.

Not every house is the same, and homeowners have different needs. That’s why we don’t sell one-size-fits-all solutions. We walk you through the process and make sure you get the best solar panel system for you at the best price.

As part of installation, we:

  • Design your system and make sure it works for your home and electrical needs.
  • Obtain and pay for any necessary permits.
  • Provide and install solar panels and microinverters.
  • Install AC/DC safety disconnects.
  • Install electrical distribution equipment and materials.
  • Determine if an upgraded panel or renewable meter adaptor is needed.
  • Provide and install off-site web monitoring.
  • Provide a 12-year installation warranty.
  • Remove all debris when completed.

Whatever your needs are, we have you covered. Besides our solar division, our in-house team includes experts in roofing, carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, drywall, painting, and design. With TR Construction, you have a team of experts working together to make sure your solar panels work perfectly for your home.

Learn more about the top quality solar panels and microinverters we use.

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Worried about roof leaks? No problem.

We understand that your roof is a major investment. When we install a solar panel system, you not only have the expertise of our solar team, but our team of experienced roofers is on hand to make sure the installation goes quickly and smoothly.

Nobody knows roofs like TR Construction. We have been one of the best San Diego roofing companies for over 29 years. We make sure everything is done properly, so you don’t have to worry about leaks in the future.

Trusted, experienced, and reliable

Not all solar panel installation companies are alike. TR Construction has been in business in San Diego since 1994. Our reviews and reputation speak for themselves. Unlike door-to-door solar companies, we are nonaggressive and won’t pressure you. We are also licensed and insured. We put everything in writing, so you can take your time and really understand what to expect from your system.


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