Roofline Changes and Roof Modifications

TR Construction does more than just roofing. We can also change your roofline, build a roof addition, or make many other types of roof modifications. Our team of in-house specialists allows us to handle everything, including roofing, carpentry, windows, siding, remodeling, design, or painting. We have the experience you need to modify, re-frame, or restructure your roof system.


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Roofline Changes and Roof Modifications Common in San Diego

Roof Additions When Adding On to Your Home

When you add a room or addition to your home, you will need to add to the roof as well. This type of roofline change is commonly called a roof addition.

Roof additions are most often one of the following styles.

  • A roof extension extends out from the existing roofline. These are common when adding on to the gable end of your home.
  • A gable roof addition is when you add a roof that has two slopes that meet in the middle. The new gable roof is designed to match the angles and roofline of the rest of your house.
  • A lean-to or shed roof addition is when the roof addition only has a single slope. The roof addition attaches to your home at the new roof’s highest point so that the slope runs away from your home.

The trickiest part about tying in a roof addition is making sure it goes with your existing roofline. You will notice on some homes that room additions can look out of place when the roofline doesn’t flow together right. At TR Construction, our team of designers and builders have decades of experience making sure roofline changes look and function great.

Roof Addition with Room Addition


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Changing a Flat Roof to a Pitched or Gable Roof

Converting a flat roof to a gable roof is a roofline change that requires a contractor with experience in roofing and carpentry. You will need to evaluate if your existing walls can support the weight of a new roof. The new roof will also need to meet with building codes in your area.

Changing a Flat Roof to a Pitched Roof

Raising the pitch of the roof is a big job. But there are many reasons a homeowner might want to make the switch.

  • Gable or pitched roofs typically have a longer lifespan and cost less to repair.
  • If your flat roof wasn’t designed properly, you might be seeing costly, reoccurring problems. In extreme cases, it might cost just as much to convert to a pitched roof as it would be to fix the flat roof.
  • If you live where it is hot, it is harder to ventilate and keep a flat roof cool.
  • Some homeowners like the look of gabled roofs more than flat roofs. Or they may be looking to add a cathedral ceiling.

Don’t give up too fast on flat roofs though. Converting to a gable roof can be expensive. When done right, flat roofs can be a great option. If you have a problematic flat roof, let our qualified roofing specialists take a look at it. Our primary goal is always to give you the best roof at the best price.

Changing a Flat Roof to a Pitched or Gable Roof
Changing a Flat Roof to a Pitched or Gable RoofChanging a Flat Roof to a Pitched or Gable Roof


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Adding Dormers and Dormer Windows to Add Space or Break Up Your Roofline

A dormer is a separately roofed space that is set out vertically from the plane of a sloped roof. Dormers typically include a dormer window that can be seen against the roof on the outside. Dormers allow for more headroom space in upper, attic rooms and let in more light. They are also a great way to create more usable space while adding curb appeal. Dormers are particularly useful if you are trying to break up a large, boring roof.

There are different kinds of dormers, including shed, gable, eyebrow, hipped, and segmental. When designing dormers for a roof modification, you will want to make sure that they are consistent in size and shape. Like all roofline changes, be sure they go well with your existing roofline.

Our team can help you design dormers that not only add space to your home but also enhance your curb appeal.


Raising the Roof Height

Some older homes in San Diego County only have 7-foot ceilings. If you love your home, but want higher ceilings, raising the roof might be a good option.

Some homeowners also choose to raise their garage roof to make more room for storage or an RV. RV parking can get expensive and parking it on your own property is a lot more convenient.

Most roofline changes are complicated and raising your roof is no exception. In particular, make sure to handle the transition from the old lower wall to the new upper wall correctly. When done incorrectly, you risk compromising the integrity of your walls. Our team not only has extensive experience working with roofs, but has the additional carpentry know-how to make sure your roof is raised safely without compromising your home.


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Adding a Second Story

If you want to add an ADU (granny flat) or more square footage to your home, but don’t have a large lot, you can always build up. Be sure that your home’s existing structure and foundation is strong enough to support the additional weight. If not, you will need to make any necessary adjustments.

The advantage of using TR Construction on this kind of roof modification is that we are experienced contractors. We are qualified to change your roofline, redo framing, install drywall, lay flooring, tie in the new HVAC systems, take care of needed permits, and handle any of the potential issues with a project of this size.

Adding a second story can be a lot of work and a lot of money. However, you can get a really good return on your investment when adding additional bedrooms and bathrooms.


Adding an Atrium Room

In areas like downtown San Diego or by the beach in La Jolla, land is expensive and homes are really close together. Adding an atrium to your home is a great way to bring in the outdoors and additional light while preserving privacy.

Depending on your home, there are several different options for homeowners to choose from. There are open-air atriums, glass roof atriums, or skylight atriums.

However, creating an atrium room in an already existing house takes an experienced architect and builder. When installing the atrium, you will need to cut a hole into your roof. This can impact the roof’s structure and any load-supporting walls. You will also need to be sure the floor drains properly since the space will be open to the elements. In addition, don’t forget to take into account things like humidity, the amount of heat that the atrium will allow into your home, and potential fire hazards.

TR Construction is the perfect fit for involved jobs like roofline changes and roof modifications. Our in-house team includes experts in carpentry, roofing, plumbing, electrical work, drywall, painting, design, and more. With all of us working together, you don’t have to worry about coordinating between different companies or breakdowns in communication. And we can guarantee our first-rate quality at every step of your project.


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Adding an Atrium
Adding an Atrium


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