Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Shingle Roofing By San Diego’s Roofing Specialists

Did you know that asphalt shingle roofing is one of the most common roof types in San Diego and the entire United States? This is because asphalt shingles, also known as composition shingles, are known for their low price and durability.

Learn more about shingle roofs, the advantages of asphalt shingles, shingle roof repair, and how much shingle roofs cost.


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What are the Advantages of Asphalt Shingles?

Asphalt or composition shingles are a type of shingle made from composite materials like asphalt and fiberglass. In San Diego, asphalt shingles are by far the most popular kind of shingle. It is easy to see why. Here are a few of their benefits:

  • Sustainability: Instead of filling up landfills, you can recycle and reuse torn-off asphalt shingles as pavement.
  • Installation: Composition shingles are easy to install. And because they are lightweight, you won’t need to worry about reinforcing your roof.
  • Wide Variety of Applications: Asphalt shingles are a great choice for homes with tricky or complicated roofs. They can cover lots of different shapes and spaces.
  • Affordable: Compared to other roofing types, asphalt shingles are economical while not cutting corners on performance.
  • Durability: Depending on the type of shingles you choose, they can last up to 30 years.
  • Style: Over the years, they have developed hundreds of colors, textures, and styles to choose from.
  • Wind Resistance: Some types of composition shingles can withstand up to 130 mph winds.
  • Cool Roofs: Cool roof shingles reflect the sun’s rays and absorb less heat. This helps keep your home cooler and extends the life of your roof.
  • Impact Resistance: Class 4 shingles can resist the impact of hail storms and other severe weather.
  • Fire Resistant: In San Diego, homes are required to have Class A roofing on all newly constructed roofs, alterations, or repairs. All the shingles we use are Class A to provide the greatest amount of fire protection for your roof.
  • Easy to Maintain and Repair: Shingle roofs require very little maintenance and are one of the easiest types of roofs to repair.


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Asphalt Shingles are Designed for Durability and Protection

Class-A asphalt shingles are made from a fiberglass mat that is covered in weathering-grade asphalt. On top of the layer of asphalt is added a layer of mineral surface granules. The entire shingle is then protected by a layer of shingle sealant.

The fiberglass mat helps protect against weather and fire while adding to the overall durability of the shingle. The asphalt on the bottom gets sticky in the sun and forms a seal with the adjacent shingles. This gives your roof a watertight seal.

The asphalt on top protects the roof from water and holds in place the granules. The granules not only give the roof its color and make the roof look more attractive, but they also help reflect off the heat from the sun.

Asphalt dimensional shingles made by GAF or Owens Corning are one of the most durable roofing systems.

Owens Corning Asphalt Shingles

See our Selection of Owens Corning Shingles

Picking Your Perfect Shingle

Just because shingles are economical doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on looks. Asphalt roof shingles come in a variety of textures, styles, and colors. You can also find asphalt shingles that mimic the look of wood shakes, slate, or tile.

The most common asphalt shingle that we use here in San Diego is a dimensional 30-year, also called a dimensional lifetime shingle. See our selection of Owens Corning Shingles.

Asphalt Shingle Types

3-Tab Shingles
About 20 to 30 years ago, 3-tab shingles were very popular. They are much thinner and don’t last as long as the dimensional shingles.

3-Tab Asphalt Shingle

Architectural, Dimensional, or Laminated Shingles
The most popular type of composition shingle is the architectural shingle. It lasts longer, is more durable in heavy winds, and is more aesthetically pleasing. Instead of just one layer, architectural shingles have multiple layers. The added depth gives a dimensional, layered look to your roof.

Architectural Shingle

Premium, High Profile, or Multilayered Shingles
Many manufacturers offer upgraded, higher-profile shingles that are even thicker than standard dimensional shingles. These upgraded shingles offer higher wind resistance, show more definition, and have a higher profile.

Cool Roofing Shingles
Cool roof shingles are designed to reflect the sun’s rays and reduce the amount of heat transferred into your home. Reducing the heat on your roof helps your roof last longer and lowers the amount of energy you need to keep your home cool.


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How Long Does a Shingle Roof Last?

How long your shingle roof lasts depends a lot on the type of shingles you are using and how well they were installed. Standard shingles can last 15 to 25 years. Architectural shingles are quite a bit thicker and can last 25 to 30 years.

Shingle Roof Repair

Fixing loose or broken shingles is relatively easy. And the sooner you repair a leak, the easier the shingle roof repair will be. When possible, we always try to repair your roof rather than replace it.

But if your roof is over 20 years old and most of the shingles are worn, you will want to look at replacing the roof.

Leaks often impact more than just your roof. If you need help repairing water damage, our specialized divisions in remodeling, roofing, electrical, solar, and painting can help.

How Much Does a Shingle Roof Cost?

The cost of a shingle roof can vary widely depending on the type of roof, the size of the roof, and the quality of shingles used. For example, architectural shingles will cost less money than high profile shingles. With so many variables and fluctuating material prices, the best way to find out how much a new shingle roof costs is by getting a professional estimate.

Contact us to get a free, no-pressure estimate. We will send out an experienced roofer to carefully examine your home and give you a detailed estimate.


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Proper Installation

You can use the best materials on the market, but if your roof isn’t installed correctly you can have some big problems down the road.

Not only do we use the best materials, but our professional roofers are craftsmen in every sense of the word. They have long-term careers with our company and take great pride in their work.

Although you can install a second layer of shingles over the first layer, we prefer to strip everything off to the deck. This allows us to spot any dry rot, termite damage, or other problems. It often saves homeowners money in the long run and allows us to guarantee the integrity of your roof.

When redoing the roof, you will also need to replace the underlayment. This acts as a weather barrier above the plywood. On this house in La Mesa, we are in the process of removing the underlayment during the roof removal. You can see that the plywood is still in good shape because the underlayment has kept moisture from intruding.

Asphalt Shingle Roof Tear Off in La Mesa

In San Diego, homes that are 25 years old or less usually have plywood as the roof deck surface. However, older homes sometimes have plank boards or skip sheathing. When putting up asphalt shingles, you will need to replace the plank boards with plywood.

Shingles are very versatile, but you need to make sure your roof is steep enough. The very minimum slope required is 2:12, but we don’t generally recommend shingles for any roof under 4:12. On this home in Mira Mesa, you will see that we used shingles on the sloping roof, but we then used torch-down roofing on the flat part of the roof.

Mira Mesa Shingle Roof

Picking a Contractor

Finding a roofing contractor who is credentialed with the manufacturer helps ensure they have training and experience installing the product. It can also have an impact on your warranty coverage.

We are an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor and install everything according to their specifications. Preferred Contractors are carefully vetted by Owens Corning and must meet high satisfaction ratings.

Owens Corning and GAF are the two major manufacturers of composition shingles in the San Diego roofing market. Both Owens Corning and GAF provide limited lifetime warranties on all their dimensional shingles.

Our expertise means you never have to worry about your roof again.


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