Roof Repairs

In some instances, we’ll be able to repair your roof rather than replace it. This is especially true with tile roofs, as long as your problem is limited to one area. Flat roofs are not usually repairable, nor are wood shake roofs; the latter need to be replaced with Class A fire-rated roofing materials.

In emergency situations, we are very responsive. We field calls personally and our crews are radio dispatched, so we’re in constant communication with them. We’ll gladly provide quick leak repair, but we may suggest further work to ensure the problem doesn’t recur or become worse with future storms.

If you’re seeing water damage on your ceiling, you have a bigger problem than just a roof leak. Your roof has been compromised, along with the wood, insulation and drywall that sits under it. Fortunately for you, the professionals of TR Construction can address those “roofing-plus” repairs.