Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs

San Diego Roof Repairs By Experienced Roofers

Roofs have it pretty good in San Diego. We usually don’t have to worry about snow, ice dams, large hail, torrential rain, or hurricane-level winds. But even San Diego homes need a roofing repair sometimes.

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How Much Does a Residential Roof Repair Cost?

The first thing everybody wants to know is how much it is going to cost to repair their roof. Unfortunately, that isn’t an easy question to answer without seeing your roof first. The cost of roofing repairs can depend on lots of things, including:

We recommend reaching out to us for a free roof repair estimate. One of our San Diego roofing experts will come out and conduct a thorough evaluation of your home and identify any problems.


Can My Roof Be Fixed or Does it Need to Be Replaced?

Some San Diego roofing companies may suggest replacing the entire roof, but we like to take a look at everything to see if it is possible to repair the roof first. A new roof is a big investment. If we can repair the roof, it can save you money and help you get years more out of your roof. But if your roof is older, the materials are in bad condition, a large area is affected, or if your current roof was improperly installed, you will want to consider getting a new roof.

Repairs are often easiest with tile roofs, especially if the problem is limited to one area. If you have a wood shake roof, you will need to replace it because any new roof construction or repairs in San Diego County have to meet the new fire-resistant requirements and use Class A fire-rated roofing materials. Flat roofs are also usually not repairable, especially on older roofs.

When we evaluate your roof, we will look at the entire structure of the roof to see if there are any other potential problems. We will also look for any water damage or small problems that could become worse.


Do You Do Emergency Roof Repairs?

If you have an emergency roof repair, we have a reputation for acting fast! We field calls personally and our crews are radio dispatched, so we’re in constant communication with them. We’ll gladly provide quick leak repair, but we may suggest further work to ensure the problem doesn’t recur or become worse with future storms. Many roofing companies are overbooked during the rainy season, but if you have a signed contract with us we can do a temporary patch until the repair is complete.


Why Does a Roof Need to be Repaired?

There are several reasons why a roof may need to be repaired. Roof leaks are often first detected by homeowners as water spots on the ceiling. But if you are lucky, you may catch some of the following issues before they become a big problem. We also perform roof inspections to help catch some of these problems before they do more damage.


Need Help Removing Solar Panels Prior to a Roof Repair?

If your solar panels are under warranty from the original solar company, we can coordinate with them for the removal and reinstallation during roofing projects. When the original installer is unavailable, our expert solar division ensures that your solar panels are removed and reinstalled safely and efficiently. Our roofing and solar divisions are trained to work together, allowing you to get back up and running quickly.
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How Can I Find Help With Roof Repair Near Me?

Our centralized location in San Diego County makes it easy for us to do jobs all over the area, including cities like Mira Mesa, Escondido, Poway, Clairemont, Vista, Scripps Ranch, Oceanside, and Chula Vista. TR Construction and its employees are part of the community that we serve and are always on hand to help.

We have specialized divisions in remodeling, roofing, electrical, solar, and painting. So you can be sure to have a qualified and experienced expert on hand for whatever you need done on your home.

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