Roof Modifications

Because TR Construction does more than just roofing, we can also modify, re-frame and restructure your roof system. We handle everything, while you the customer can sit back and enjoy watching your dreams turn into reality.

Entry Extensions or Front Porch Addition

Here is an example of a front entrance with no overhang. The owner was ready to re-roof and now was the time to make this long awaited extension and upgrade to his front entrance. Sometimes to make a modification like this, you need to acquire a building permit. We have a draftsmen that handle all our drawings and submittals to the required building departments through out the San Diego County area. By having these services, you the customer can feel comfortable that your project is being handled by one contractor that can re roof your house, make the modifications of your dreams, and meet your needs in a professional manner. You don’t have to worry about different contractors coordinating the project properly.

Change Flat Roof to a Gable Roof


Dormer Windows

Chimney Removal

The advantage of using TR Construction on a job like this is that not only can we make the modifications to your roof, but we can also redo framing, drywall, and flooring in the house.