Replace a Wood Shake Shingle Roof

Wood Shake Shingle Roof

Wood Shake Shingle Roof Replacement

Wood shake shingle roofs used to be very common in San Diego. It was considered a premium roofing system.

Unfortunately, shake shingle roofs are also highly flammable. In high-risk fire areas like San Diego, a woodshake roof is like having a tinder box on top of your home.

In 2004, San Diego banned new woodshake roofs. The new local fire codes also stated that any new roof construction, repairs, replacements, and alterations had to withstand severe exposure to fire. For example, if your wood shake shingle roof needs repair, you will need to replace it with a new roof that uses Class A roofing materials.

Currently, there are not many wood shake shingle roofs left in San Diego.

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Wood Shake Shingle Alternative

Wood shake roofs are not only beautiful but timeless. This is why they are very popular for homes with a more rustic or country aesthetic. Wood shakes are each hand-split, giving them a rough texture and handcrafted appearance.

Fortunately, if you like the look of wood shake shingles, you can replace them with cement roofing tiles designed to look like wood shake. You get all the benefits of tile roofing without sacrificing the beauty of wood shingles. Below is a home that we roofed using BORAL Madera tiles.

BORAL Madera Tiles Designed to Look Like Wood Shake Shingles

Wood Shake Shingle Roof Removal

Skip SheathingWhen replacing an old wood shake shingle roof, the first step is to do a roof tear off down to the skip sheathing. Skip sheathing is a roofing surface that consists of 1”x4” or 1”x5” boards that are installed perpendicular to the rafters. This provides a couple of inches of spacing between each row of boards.

In the past, it was believed that installing the wood shake shingle over the skip sheeting would allow it to breathe. This would help the roof to last longer. Since then, we have learned that wood shake roofs actually last longer when installed on flat plywood or plankboard.

When replacing a wood shake roof, we install full sheeting on top of the skip sheeting. This gives us a solid wood base for the new roofing material when replacing the roof with shingles or tile.

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Wood Shake Roof Replacement

This is a wood shake roof replacement in Oceanside, CA. We replaced the roof with an asphalt shingle roof.

The roof not only had wood shake shingles installed but a layer of asphalt shingles on top of that. We removed both layers and installed 4’x8’ OSB sheathing on top of the skip sheathing. OSB stands for “oriented strand board,” which consists of compressed wood strands bonded together by resin. These boards are much stronger and stiffer than traditional plywood boards.

With the proper full sheeting in place, we installed underlayment before installing Owens Corning asphalt shingle on the entire roof. We also installed an Owens Corning ridge vent, reinstalled a solar tube, and installed all necessary flashings. The new roof will last for years and years and looks much better than the existing roof.

How Much Does a Wood Shake Shingle Roof Replacement Cost?

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