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Removing a wall

Why is Removing a Wall a Good Idea?

If you are in love with all those open floor plans you see in the home magazines and on HGTV, you are not alone. Flipping through images of gorgeous, open-concept kitchen design ideas is enough to make anybody weak in the knees. It is no wonder that homes with open floor plans are in high demand.

Unfortunately, many of the homes in San Diego County were built before the 1980’s, back when home plans with compartmentalized rooms were common. A high percentage of homes in the San Diego area still have a floor plan where the main hallway connects individual rooms and living spaces.

Homeowners who want open floor plans in San Diego are in a tough spot because newer homes with more modern floor plans are in short supply and very expensive. There are not enough new homes on the market to satisfy demand. Removing a wall not only dramatically updates your older home, but combining living spaces is one of the best ways to increase a home’s value.

Please note that currently we are only doing wall removals as a part of a larger home remodel.

Gallery of Wall Removal and Convert to Open House Plan Projects


How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Wall?

How much removing a wall costs depends on whether or not the wall is a load-bearing wall or a non-load-bearing wall. Load-bearing walls help support the weight of the house. Removing a load-bearing wall without the proper supports can cause things to collapse.

It is a good idea to talk to a qualified contractor who can take a look at your blueprints and make sure that things are done properly. They can also help you lay out a new floor plan that works within your current floor plan.


How to Create an Open Floor Plan

If you are sick of living in tiny, little rooms, here are eight things to consider when planning your open floor plan remodel.


1. Best Wall to Remove: If you can only pick one wall to remove, consider removing the wall between the kitchen and dining room or living room. Most buyers are looking for an open-concept kitchen. Homes sell for less if the kitchen is separate from other living spaces.


2. Show it Off: Kitchens used to be tucked away in the back of the house, but today’s kitchens are stunning and deserve to be shown off. Connecting your kitchen to the rest of the house can make your home look more impressive and modern.


3. Entertaining: If you love to entertain, but hate being stuck in the kitchen, an open-concept kitchen allows you to spend time with your guests while preparing the meal. It also allows you to fit everybody in your home without feeling cramped.


4. Make Your Home Feel Bigger: If your home is small, removing a wall is a great way to make it look and feel bigger. In San Diego, with all the gorgeous weather, an open floor plan shouldn’t forget the patio. Removing walls and installing French doors to the patio allows you to pull in outside space to make your home feel bigger. It also makes it easier to entertain guests or grill outside.


5. Light it Up: Love natural light? Opening things up allows the windows to let light into the entire home.


6. Staying Connected: Combining living spaces helps keep families connected. Instead of spending your time in separate rooms, an open space allows you the flexibility to do things together and to interact. This makes it easier for parents to watch their children, whether they want to see what the kids are watching on TV or keep tabs on the toddler while cooking dinner.


7. Multi-Purpose: Homes with open floor plans allow homeowners to use spaces for multiple purposes. Most homeowners hate the idea of having a dining room that never gets used. Instead, by removing a wall you can open up the space and use it for other things too – allowing for more versatility.


8. Removing Cabinets: Many homes that were built a couple of decades ago have those L-shaped counters with the cabinets that block the view of the dining area. These are simple to remove and taking them out can really open things up.