Rampart General Fireplace Removal

Rampart General Fireplace Removal

Rampart General Fireplace Removal

The Rampart General precast concrete chimney is one of the most problematic fireplaces we see in San Diego County. With most fireplaces, builders lay them brick by brick onsite. But Rampart General pre-casts the chimney and fireplace at the factory before shipping them to the home site. The fireplace and chimney look like brick, but are actually one solid piece made with a mix of cement and aggregate.


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Common Problems with Rampart Fireplaces

Unfortunately, many Rampart fireplaces have suffered damage either during installation or from moisture levels, seismic activity, heat, or wear.

The most common and dangerous problems are cracks in the insulation plate, cracks in the chimney structure, and/or damage to the flue liner. These dangerous problems are not always immediately evident. Before using a Rampart fireplace, you should have it inspected by a professional who has been specifically trained to work with precast concrete chimneys.

We commonly find these fireplaces in homes built between 1960 to 1970. But we have seen a few in homes built as late as the early 1990s. Home builders used Rampart fireplaces all over Southern California, including in San Diego County. We have found quite a few in Rancho Peñasquitos, Scripps Ranch, and Mira Mesa.


Repairing a Rampart General Fireplace

Because of the way Rampart fireplaces are constructed, they can not be safely repaired the same way a brick and mortar fireplace can. The company is no longer in business, so they can’t test the chimneys for safe repairs. This means there are no approved repairs. Any repairs or modifications will not be up to code. If something were to happen after making these repairs, your insurance company might not accept any claims.


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Rampart Fireplace Replacement Cost

Many homeowners decide to have these fireplaces removed when they are not safe to use. Cracking Rampart chimneys are another common reason for fireplace removal as the chimney becomes unstable.

Rampart General fireplace removal is not a small job. Not only do you have the repairs needed with a typical chimney removal, but the demolition is different from a brick and mortar fireplace. The chimney is in one piece and can weigh several tons. It is a job that needs to be done by a highly qualified contractor with experience in both roofing and remodeling.



Our specialized divisions in roofing and remodeling means that professional roofers and experienced remodelers will be working on your home. That way you can rest assured that your roof has been properly repaired and your home’s structural integrity stays intact. Our painting and remodeling divisions can also patch and paint interior and exterior walls, repair floors, and make any other needed adjustments.

TR Construction has extensive experience removing Ramparts and we are familiar with the challenges they present. We have developed an efficient system that can save homeowners thousands of dollars off the Rampart chimney replacement cost. Our roofing and remodeling experts can make sure your home looks great and your roof is sound!

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To learn more about Rampart chimneys, Dale W. Feb is a recognized expert and has provided a helpful guide (PDF).