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Only available for full interior and/or exterior painting of the entire house.

Our attention to detail, quality workmanship and a positive attitude with all our employees assures that you get a first rate quality job. We are proud members of the BBB and treat all of our customers with great appreciation and respect. All our painters also do dry wall work, taping and texturing, can apply any texture finish of your desire. We have in-house carpenters that can install the crown mold, base mold, chair mold, wains coating, exterior wood replacement of fascia boards, wood siding, termite rotted exterior wood beams etc… We have the abilities to scrape, texture and paint your old acoustic ceilings. We can send in our Licensed electrician to install recessed can lighting, ceiling fan boxes, add an electrical outlet at a desired location, change out electrical switches and plugs to a more modern decor look. The advantage of using TR Construction is not only can we help you with your painting needs, we can also help you with the wood replacement or remodeling work you are looking to do. We are a one stop shop and can handle all of your interior or exterior needs.

We use nothing but the best quality products for your interior or exterior paint job. The secret behind having a good quality paint job is the quality of the products being used and the preparation prior to the start of applying any paint. If you want to paint the exterior of your house, we will power wash the complete outside prior to any paint being applied, which will clean off all the dirt or loose or flaking paint that has occurred over the years. We will sand, caulk, and fill any cracks or gaps that we find . We will seal cracks and stucco where needed, cut out and replace that rotted trim or facia board. Doing all of the above will ensure a first rate job when complete.

If you want to paint the interior of your house, preparation once again is key to a good quality job. In that prep we will cover your furniture, carpets and flooring with visqueen (plastic) to keep your belongings safe from any possible damage.

Please call us to schedule an appointment at your home with one of our painting professionals. We’re happy to provide free estimates for homeowners. (858) 537-6490

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