Paint Kitchen Cabinets

A Cheap and Easy Way to Remodel Your Old Kitchen

Do you hate your kitchen cabinets? Does your kitchen scream 1980? Don’t have the budget to do a complete kitchen remodel?

The answer to all your problems may be as simple as a couple of coats of paint. Painting your cabinets is an easy and cheap way to totally change the look of your kitchen.

Here are some great tips and ideas on how to take your kitchen from “bleh” to “yeah!”

Embrace White
If you have a small kitchen, then white is the answer to all your prayers. White reflects light and makes rooms look larger. An all white kitchen eliminates any edges that stop the eye and makes your kitchen feel expansive.

If all white feels too sterile, add some subtle variations of shade or add some design elements like recessed panels, interesting knobs, or crown molding. A glaze can also give white cabinets a warm and aged look.

Play Up Contrasts 
Vivid contrasts can add a lot of life to a room. And depending on the colors you use, you can dramatically change the feel of your kitchen. Black cabinets against white walls can look sophisticated and timeless. White cabinets against a bright yellow or blue wall can make the kitchen feel sunny and welcoming.

If you can’t decide between two colors, paint the top and bottom two different complementary colors.

Get Creative
Since paint is cheap, there is no reason you can’t have a little fun with things. If you love red, why not do red? Or even teal or yellow? Brightly colored cabinets can be absolutely stunning and unforgettable. And if you get sick of the color, just paint them again!

You can also do things that uniquely fit your family. Covering your lower cabinets with a coat of blackboard paint makes it so that your little kids can doodle on the cabinets while you cook. It is also a great place to leave reminders or grocery lists!

Pull Off Those Doors! 
Another way to make a small kitchen look bigger is by pulling off some of the cabinet doors. This allows the eye to look past the front of the cabinet and back to the wall. Painting the inside of the cabinets a contrasting color is another way to add visual interest. It is also a great way to display your favorite collections.

For additional ideas and photos on how to revamp your kitchen with just a bit of paint, visit our Pinterest board “Die old kitchen cabinets! Die!

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