How to Fit a Freestanding Bathtub Into a Small Bathroom

Fit a Freestanding Bathtub Into a Small Bathroom

Freestanding bathtubs and claw-footed tubs have been around for centuries in many different cultures. However, recently we have seen them make a major comeback in some new and exciting ways. Many of the new designs are modern, unique, and especially designed to fit a freestanding bathtub into a small bathroom.

Why Are Freestanding Bathtubs So Popular?

If you like to scroll through Instagram or watch HGTV, you have probably seen a lot of bathroom remodels that feature a freestanding bath. There are a lot of reasons for their popularity.

Statement Piece
With so many designs to choose from, a freestanding bath can be a beautiful statement piece. Many freestanding bathtubs look like a sculpture or work of art, making for a beautiful focal point in your bathroom. With a built-in bathtub there aren’t a lot of choices, but with a freestanding tub you can pick from lots of different styles. Designs range from the traditional claw-footed tub to a modern solid surface bathtub.

Make Your Bathroom Look More Open
Traditionally freestanding baths need more space in a bathroom, but they can also make the room look larger. It frees up a lot of the space under or around the bathtub, making the room look more open and less cramped.

Create a Spa-like Experience
More and more homeowners are wanting to make their bathroom feel more like a spa experience. Soaking in a freestanding tub feels luxurious and is a great way to relax.

Get Creative
With built-in bathtubs there are very few places you can install them in your bathroom. But a freestanding tub allows you to put it in the middle of the room, against a statement wall, or by a window.


How to Fit a Freestanding Bathtub in a Small Bathroom

Some homeowners want the elegance of a freestanding bathtub but worry that it won’t fit in their small bathroom. The good news is that there are a lot of options.

Often freestanding tubs are placed against a wall, under a window, or in the center of the room. But when space is at a premium, they can also be placed kitty-corner. For example, this solid surface bathtub is set by the window but placed at an angle. This gives a nice flow to the shape of the room without looking like the bathtub was shoved in the corner.

Freestanding pedestal bathtub

Slipper Tub
For a tight space, a slipper tub is a great fit. The slipper tub was designed to be higher on one or both ends. The side reclines back, allowing you to sit at an incline. These tubs are designed to be deeper, making it easier to fully submerge in a shorter space.

Pedestal Tub
Some pedestal bathtubs are made in petite sizes that are shorter but are deep enough to allow for a deep soak. These freestanding bathtubs are easier to clean because they sit flush to the ground and you don’t have to clean under them.

On this bathroom remodel, we were able to remove the built-in jacuzzi tub and there was plenty of room for this pedestal tub.

Freestanding bathtub and shower

Shower Room
In Japan, it isn’t uncommon to find the bathtub installed in the shower area. The shower room trend is catching on in the United States too. Often a glass wall will separate the shower and tub from the rest of the bathroom. It allows you to have plenty of space for your shower and your freestanding bathtub. And the glass wall keeps the bathroom looking open and bright. It is also a great way to keep warm or create a sauna-like experience. When running the shower or drawing a hot bath, the glass wall keeps the warm air in place – unlike a larger bathroom that is harder to heat up. If you are thinking about a bathtub to shower conversion, but aren’t sure you want to lose the bathtub, this is a great option.

Japanese Soaking Tubs
Popular in Japan for centuries, Japanese soaking tubs are deeper than the standard bathtub. Deep soak bathtubs are designed so that you can sit upright in the bathtub with the water coming up to your chin. Some deep soaking tubs even have a little seat built-in. They allow for a much deeper soak than a standard bathtub but use less water. Perfect for San Diego where water prices are high. Their size also makes them easy to fit in your bathroom.


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