Chimney Removal

Fireplace and Chimney Removal

Chimney Removal

Removing a chimney and fireplace can impact just about every part of your home, from the roof all the way down to the foundation. Some roofers will only remove a chimney stack down to the attic. But TR Construction has in-house experts in everything from roofing to remodeling.

You can rest easy knowing that:

  • Professional roofers will be patching your roof and making any necessary roof modifications.
  • Construction professionals will be addressing the structural integrity of your home.
  • Experienced remodelers will be handling patching walls, repairing floors, and readjustments to rooms.
  • Seasoned painters will make sure patched holes and additions match with your existing interior and exterior walls.

TR Construction has the expertise to help you with every stage of your chimney removal.

When removing your chimney, you will need to consider how it impacts the structure of the rest of your home. Some chimneys might run through the middle of the home, impact several floors, be connected to the framing, or be tied to the foundation. Before removing a chimney, you will want to have a good understanding of how it is integrated into your home.


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Reasons to Remove Your Chimney

There are lots of reasons homeowners consider removing their chimney.

  • Aesthetic reasons
    They don’t like the way the fireplace or chimney stack look, so they want them removed.
  • The chimney needs extensive repairs
    Sometimes the chimney might need so many repairs that the homeowner decides it makes sense to remove it.
  • Capture more space
    In some homes, the chimney breast (the part of the chimney inside the home and below the roofline) can take up a lot of space. Or it might run through a room you are looking to add. Chimneys can be awkward when there is a room addition or a loft conversion.
  • Disuse
    Some homeowners don’t ever use their fireplace and are tired of cleaning it and maintaining it.
  • Roof Leaks
    Around the chimney can be a common place for roofs to leak.

Removing your chimney isn’t an easy job, so you will want to weigh the costs before making your final decision. We recommend scheduling a free, in-home estimate where we can help you identify some of your options and potential costs.


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Types of Chimney Removals

Full Chimney Removal:
A full chimney removal means that you will be removing both the chimney stack and the chimney breast. This might include reinforcing walls, repairing the floor, fixing the hole in the roof, and covering up any holes in the walls.

Partial Chimney Removal:
With a partial chimney removal, you will only be removing the chimney stack. This is a lot less work because you only have to demo the chimney stack down to the roofline and then patch the roof.

The most common chimneys we see in San Diego are:

  • Wood-framed gas fireplaces with stucco exteriors and a double-wall flue
  •  Gas fired brick fireplaces
  • Wood burning brick fireplaces

Gas fireplaces are much more common in San Diego because of concerns about how wood-burning fireplaces impact air quality.